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New to leaflet distribution? Then you probably need some questions answered!

Below we give answers to the questions we get asked most. If the answer you want isn’t here, contact us! We’ll be glad to give you any assistance!

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What's your minimum quantity?

Currently our minimum is 5,000 leaflets, however this will increase sometime in the near future.

And while we’ll deliver a minimum of 5,000, we believe to give this a fair chance, you should do at least 8,000.

What are the costs for your services?

We really don’t want to show prices online, mostly because all campaigns are different and to give you an actuate quote we have to consider things like the weight and size of the leaflets, where you’re targeting and what areas you most want to hit, if you have any special requests, etc.

But because we think you’d probably benefit from a rough estimate, here’s a basic and very rough guide. (Please note these prices are covering a5, a6, cards, or a4 folded. Larger items will be subject to a unique quote.)

Solus: This begins at £65 per 1000 letterboxes. With Solus, your leaflets will be the only leaflets delivered.

Shared: This is a much cheaper option as you’ll be sharing costs of distribution. Prices start from £35 per 1000 letterboxes and will include 3 companies total. Or £47.50 per 1000 letterboxes and will include 2 companies total. (All other companies wont be competitive with your business!)

Magazines: This starts from £95 per 1000.

Newspapers: This starts from £85 per 1000.

How do you go about ensuring leaflets are delivered by your staff?

Some people we speak to are really concerned about their leaflets not being delivered, which is completely understandable.

We’ve developed the following techniques to help put your mind at rest and to give the best delivery rate we can.

1) GPS devices: The most effective way we have to ensure your trust in our delivery, is with our GPS tracking devices, that all our distributors carry and which pinpoints the route our staff have taken, plus the time it takes them. We use devices that update every 13 seconds, so we get to see our staff going up and down the street and even up and down peoples driveways!

This means we’re able to monitor them and estimate if they’re taking the “appropriate time” to do the job properly and not just walking down the street!

2) Letterbox estimates: Alongside GPS, we use data by Royal mail. This gives us a pretty actuate estimate for the number of letterboxes on each route.

Which means if our distributors are given say 1000 leaflets and say 9 streets, which, using the data from Royal mail we’d be able to get a rough estimate that there are say around 1000 letterboxes. If our staff tell us there was only leaflets for 6 streets, we’ll know something is wrong.

We’ll then check to confirm the number of letterboxes on those 9 streets! This is how we stop staff from delivering more then 2 leaflets in a letterbox. This is another way we help you get the best deliverabillity rate we can.

3) Supervision: Finally, we constantly provide random spot check on our staff, so we can see them delivering and make sure they’re properly posting leaflets through the letterbox. If we find people not following our training, they don’t get any work from us again. Our spot checks are unannounced and our staff are constantly unsure when they’ll see us next!

How should we get our leaflets to you?

We have a number of “drop off locations” you can deliver them to.

Or if you like, we can pick your leaflets up from your printers, or from you, for £25 extra.

Can we make any special requests?


Helping you achieve the best response rate from your campaign is key to us, because you’ll probably want to use us again if you achieve a great result!

To help you, we’re always open to trying any of your suggestions. We’ll even make some suggestions of our own, if we believe you could achieve a higher ROI.

For instance,

  • You might only deliver leaflets if a house has a sold, for sale or for rent sign, if you’re a storage facility or a removal company
  • You might only deliver leaflets if a house has a roof that’s south facing, if you’re a company that sells solar panels
  • You might only deliver leaflets if a house has a garden, or lawn, if you’re a gardening businesses
What companies can benefit from your services?

Any company that has a local presence, or that provide a local service would benefit from our services.

For instance,

  • Gyms and personal trainers
  • Solar panel installers
  • Estate agents
  • Takeaways
  • Cab and taxi firms
  • Restaurants
  • Local newspapers
  • Car dealerships
  • Kids party entertainers
  • Mechanics
  • Lawn care and gardening services
  • Home cleaning
  • Local authorities
  • Storage companies
  • Political parties
  • Cake shops!
  • Clubs – like kickboxing clubs, yoga, slimming, kids, sports, etc
  • And many more!
What reasons are there for people using your services?

When people tell us about why they use services like ours, they normally give the following reasons,

  • A new store opening
  • Getting or staying “Top of peoples mind”
  • Special offers
  • Political campaigns
  • Marketing companies that want to promote their clients service or business
  • Event promotion
  • Public consultations
  • Brand awareness
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You bet!

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