We Have Leaflet Distribution Jobs In Bristol!

Please note at the moment we’re not accepting any new applications for leaflet distributors as we have more then enough!

Please note at the moment we’re not accepting any new applications for leaflet distributors as we have more then enough!

Job Details

If you’re reliable, hardworking, physically fit, then we can supply you with weekly work, distributing leaflets through letterboxes. To apply you need to be 18+, enjoy walking for long distances and willing to work in all weather conditions! Take Note: This’ll be a self employed role.

The job includes,

  • Delivering leaflets to peoples letterboxes
  • You’ll also have with you a GPS tracking device
  • You’ll need to report on how many leaflets you delivered for each street
  • You could also walk up to 15 miles a day, although some days will be much less!

You’ll be able to work in and around your own postcode area, or for those people with access to a car, you’ll be able to work further afield!

Leaflet Distribution Job In Bristol

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?
We find that people such as university or college students, housewives, retired people, or anyone who wants to earn some spare cash are good fits!

The main requirements are that you’re trust worthy, able to carry a GPS device, report on how many leaflets you’ve delivered per street and enjoy walking!

What's the pay like?
You’re payed on a base pay, per 1000 households. The base pay will differ depending on location and what you’re distributing!

Roughly speaking one to two leaflets will pay £35 for 1000 letterboxes or for three leaflets it’s roughly £40. We don’t pay on a per leaflet basis!

We would estimate that 1000 households for most people is 5 hours walking.

Sometimes you may do 1000 households in 3-5 hours, but sometimes you may do 1000 households in 5-7 hours.

As we said before, it’s also worth noting that this will be a self-employed job.

How long am I given to complete distribution?
That depends on what you’re delivering and what the deadlines are!

Normally we’ll give you about a week, but we’ll determine with you how much time you have available on a week to week basis and make sure that you’ll have enough time to complete the work.

We can sometimes give you extra time, if the items you’re delivering don’t have hard deadlines!

We’re always happy to give our best workers extra work if they request it and have shown that their capable of completing the work.